RISE of the P-51

The P-51 airplane is one of the most iconic and recognized airplane in the world. It was the plane that changed and won the Second World War. Only 159 of the originals remain today. They range in price between 2-3 million US dollars. These models are very fast and well designed. However, they are difficult to fly. Most of these airplanes are 65 years old requiring constant repairs.

We are producing new P-51's with todays most advanced technology and manufacturing processes. Three times the power, twice the speed, half the weight, increased comfort in a pressurized cabin, and a list of safety features unprecedented in its class.

We offer you the FUTURE of this ICONIC Aircraft.

The Elite P-51



With a carbon fiber body using Boeing's bonding process, we reduced the weight of the original by half and made it three times stronger. We added a turbine engine as well. (Turbine or Jet engines have 75% less parts and are more efficient and reliable than a piston engine). Producing 6,000hp at half the weight of the original Merlin engine. This results in an incredible weight to power ratio.

We utilize carbon fiber, auto clave, and bonding technologies from Boeing. Through the use of graphite composite structures we reduced the weight to 3,800 pounds dry weight. Wing loading is +/- 11-12 G at gross weight. 37-foot 4-inch wing, and 32 feet 9 inches in length, The Elite P-51 is three times stronger than its metal counterpart.

The plane has a 500-gallon fuel capacity. Giving it a 3,200-mile range. The design max speed is more than 640 mph, with a 550-mph cruise speed at a 25,000ft. The counter-rotating prop eliminates P-factor and evens the laminar airflow over the fuselage reducing drag. With this much power it has a climb rate of 5,000 feet per minute.

The pressurized cabin maintains a 6,000ft cabin altitude. A sophisticated environmental control system provides electric heat, defrost, and air conditioning. This full size airplane can also accommodate Rolls, Merlin or Allison engines. The Elite P-51 has chosen the culmination of 11 different P-51 variants to duplicate, at half the weight of the P-51D. It has more than twice the climb rate and will have you at your destination 40% faster, at a fraction of the operating cost of the original.

Product Variables We customize all our planes to the clients needs. For racing purposes we can eliminate the back seat, reduce weight, and add different engine options for more power and faster speeds.

Customizations include dual cockpits, engine, fuel tank capacity, avionics, and paint / pin up choices. It comes with glass cockpit avionics, auto pilot, VOR and GPS navigation, weather radar multiple communications arrays, traffic advisory, and cup holders. It is one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world. Build/inspected in US, vs. shipped out mid-build for final assembly as we have clients worldwide we offer different options. Our Elite P-51 is manufactured in the USA and meets FAA regulations and standards. If there are interested clients abroad with multiple orders, they may be partially manufactured in the USA and assembled abroad according to the client’s needs and regulations in that country..







John Doe

Dr. Joaquin James Palacin

CEO/Owner- Product innovator creator and designer

Joaquin James Palacin was born in Barcelona Spain. He grew up in Europe where he went to medical school and graduated as an oncologist. He worked in the medical field in Japan, India, Tibet and Europe. Joaquin has lived internationally most of his life and speaks 7 languages including Japanese. Joaquin has embarked on another one of his passions, aviation. He carried on his grandfather’s love for aviation and has brought new vision and technologies to the development of new aircraft. A pilot since the age of 14, he has been passionate about aviation, aircraft design, and construction for years. He has built several different types of aircraft including a series of WW1 fighters. His vision to update the worlds most iconic aircraft, the P-51 Mustang, has lead to the development of The Elite P-51. The Elite P-51 is one of the latest additions to the company. It integrates old world classic design with new cutting edge technologies. In 2015, Joaquin returned to the USA and created The HELIOS ADVANCED AIRCRAFT COMPANY. Helios manufactures electric powered helicopters and airplanes. Joaquin@eliteaviator.com

Steven Taracevicz

Chief Pilot/Chief of Flight Standards

Mr. Taracevicz served in the United States Marine Corps as a flight officer and communications officer. After his honorable discharge Mr. Taracevicz started his own technology-consulting firm; Executive Consulting & Testing, Inc. (ECT) whose larger clients include SAIC, the US Air Force and Panasonic. He performed equity research at Seidler AMDEC where he covered the oil & gas and technology industries and Wedbush Morgan where he covered branded consumer food products and food retailers. Mr. Taracevicz’ past consulting clients include Panasonic, SAIC, STC Biotech, a $200 million per annum Korean biotech firm, and Pacific Capital Group based in Los Angeles, California. He has helped several clients, one in body armor and one in hearing protection, develop sales channels into the US government and US military. He is the founder of Aurora Capital Strategies, Ltd. a provider of benefit solutions to high net worth individuals and businesses. Mr. Taracevicz has accumulated over 10,280 hours in 10 different turbine aircraft in military and commercial operations in the past 35 years. Mr. Taracevicz received his B.S. in Mathematics with Distinction, with minors in Physics and General Engineering from the US Naval Academy and his M.B.A. in Finance from the Anderson School at UCLA. He is the proud father of four sons; Victor, James, Luca and Misha. Mr. Taracevicz enjoys reading, swimming, biking, hiking and maintains his FAA Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor, with instrument & multi-engine add-on, licenses, and US FAA First Class Medical. He lives in Basel, Switzerland and Los Angeles, California.

Elmer Robles

CTO of Licensing and Software Development.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Elmer has over 25 years of software development and technical management experience. After designing embedded avionics systems for the F-22 he developed a contract management system for a major satellite broadcasting company that currently processes over $2 billion in monthly subscription revenue. He moved to Europe, worked for the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) which processes European Community Trademarks and Designs, and invented a visual language to model licensing contracts in the Creative Industries. He has written papers to support the use of international standard identifiers (e.g. ISAN, ISRC, ISNI) to track Intellectual Property rights. He is now developing digital licensing systems and advanced micro-advertising platforms.


Steve Crawford

Senior Consultant

Steve Crawford is a seasoned and experienced aerospace executive leader with 38+ years’ experience in the aerospace field. Most recently Steve founded Crawford Aviation Services, Incorporated based upon his strong passion and true love of the Aviation Industry. That passion and love extends to aviation industry products past, present and future. During his 38-year aviation career he has had the pleasure of playing witness too many great achievements and many aircraft model first flights. Steve’s professional experience includes Crawford Aviation Services Incorporated (President & CEO, 2-yrs), AMFUEL (President & General Manager), Zodiac Aerospace ( VP Business Development, 3-yrs), Dassault Falcon Jet (Vice-President Engineering, 3-yrs), Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (Chief Operations Officer & Senior Vice-President Operations, 2-yrs), Bombardier Aerospace / Learjet (Regional Vice-President Customer Support / Director Design 11 yrs),Canadair Manager RJ/Challenger – 18 yrs . Steve is proud to have been appointed and served on multiple Advisory panels in the aerospace industry but most recently NBAA Maintenance Panel Co-Chairman and GAMA Technical Panel. In addition to Steve’s professional accomplishments he is also an avid pilot, aircraft owner and has served as a flight instructor. Steve also dedicates his spare time to community service activities and looks for opportunities to tie in aerospace to these activities to help educate tomorrow’s aerospace industry.

Eddie Saurenman

Aeronautical and Structural Engineering Consultant

Eddie Saurenman has 35-years of aviation experience primarily in aircraft design, development and certification. Eddie's career has incompassed everthing from aircraft fabrication to Vice president of Engineering of an aircraft manufacturing facility. He has lead technical teams on the Raytheon Texan II wing design, Burbank Aeronautical DC8 Hush Kit Program, American General GA5B Tiger re-certification program, Aviat Pitts S2C, Husky A1A and A1B certification programs and the Falcon 7X Completions Program to name a few. Some of these programs required Eddie to select, qualify and manage up to fifty technical personnal and vendors of various diseplines, making him uniquely qualified to lead a technical engineering team. Eddie is technically flunent in external and internal loads, classic and FEA analysis methods, design of primary, secondary, and interior aircraft structures using various CAD programs. ⎫ Private Pilot +6000 hours ⎫ FAA aircraft repairman licence ⎫ FAA Award Partnership in Aircraft Safety ⎫ FAA Waivered Unlimited Aerobatic Pilot ⎫ USPA Expert Parachutist "D" License ⎫ USPA Jumpmaster License ⎫ DOD Secert Clearance ⎫ Vintage aircraft restoration ⎫ Experimental aircraft fabrication ⎫ UAV aircraft design and fabrication ⎫ Member Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) ⎫ Member Aircraft Owner Pilot Association (AOPA) ⎫ Member Experimental Aircraft Association



Frank Taylor

Head of Businesss Development

In 1981 I founded the Frank Taylor Racing Team (FTR). That same year FTR, through a combination of hard work and dedication, had the good fortune to build the “World’s Fastest Piston-Powered Aircraft,” Dago Red. I was honored, not only to pilot this aircraft to a new world speed record in 1983 at 517mph, a record that still stands, but also to lead the world’s fastest race team.

“Frank Taylor Racing” (FTR) astounded the racing community by participating in two completely different “unlimited” racing categories: Top Fuel Drag Racing and Unlimited Air Racing. These are the fastest racing events available to piston-powered machines.

During the first 360 days of it’s existence FTR set two world speed records in different sports in it’s rookie year to become the first team to ever do so in any sporting competition.

FTR’s race plane “Dago Red” became the 1st to break 500mph. It won the National Championship Air Race during it's debut and was also the fastest qualifier. The aircraft has since won 6 National Championship Air Races and the prestigious “Thompson Trophy.”

FTR’s Top Fuel Dragster, “Dago Red” captured the quarter mile speed record on it’s second outing giving FTR the two fastest piston-powered machines on the planet.

Now, Dago Red has come home. “Finest Vintage Racing,” under the direction of Frank Taylor, has begun a complete restoration of the aircraft, and is pleased to announce our intention to capture the 3km Speed Record and return to Reno.

Born: Charleston, South Carolina-1946 1964-1980 Founded and managed an international airfreight operation based in S.Carolina 1972-1985 Founded and managed an aircraft recovery business specializing in the recovery of WWII aircraft from the Pacific theater of operations and rebuilding them to flying condition for resale to the civilian market. 1979-1981 Founded and managed a heavy equipment business selling used equipment to Indonesia and Mexico. 1981-1986 Founded Frank Taylor Racing. During this period the team established two world speed records and became the first to exceed 500mph in a single engine piston powered machine. This record set in 1983 still stands. 1986-1995 Founded and managed Mainfort Marine International, a public company based in Hong Kong and listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Mainfort’s core business based in Jakarta, Indonesia contracted commercial diving services to offshore drilling operators primarily in the Arco fields. During this period the company conducted marine salvage operations in Indonesia, Philippines and China. South China Sea- Located and recovered 144,000 pieces of blue and white Chinese porcelain from the “Geldermalsen” a Dutch vessel sunk 1752. Recovered over 2000 tons of 77lb. Tin ingots from various Japanese ships sunk by US submarines during WWII. Philippines- North West Luzon. Located and recovered Chinese porcelain from a 1000-year-old wreck lying in 200’ water. This wreck historically documented the presence of the Chinese in this area fully 300 years earlier than thought. China- Located and salvaged the Awa Maru- a Japanese Hospital Ship sunk in the straits of Taiwan and carrying war booty back to Japan. Recovered tin and diamonds. The company utilized a 240’ DP vessel with a crew of 24 saturation divers and remained on site with divers working 24 hrs per day for 3 months. This was the largest privately funded salvage operation to date. Mainfort also conducted joint venture projects with other salvage companies in Haiti, DR and Malaysia. 1995-present Consultant to various aircraft manufacturers and aircraft restoration companies as well as oil field and marine operators and specialty vessel builders. Salvage Master to NRR.

Dieter Hochheimer

Dieter came to the US in 1983 after playing 11 years of professional soccer in the first and second Division of the Bundesliga in Germany.

Since the late 1980s he has been active in commercial and residential real estate and he recently founded LPP Group America LLC, the US arm of a European group of companies with focus on consulting in real estate and helping high end technology companies with their expansion programs as well as mergers and acquisitions

He studied at the Universities of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Goettingen and finished with a degree in Education, Political Science and Sports. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children


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Air Racing and Combat



Air Racing and Combat

Creating a New Circuit: The Elite P-51 Race Series

Elite P-51 Air Series.

Air Races have been around for over 100 years. They are often part of air shows that last several days and attract huge crowds of spectators. Within the last decade these have become popular as part of a racing circuit in various cities.

With the latest technologies and engineering breakthroughs from around the world, we will use planes that are faster and safer through new materials, engines, design, and safety features.

In the past, races and air shows drew anywhere from 70,000 to 1,600,000 spectators per event with an estimated 75 - 865 million additional viewers on television, depending on the particular coverage. Besides being a great marketing opportunity for sponsors, air races are also a tremendous source of income and exposure for the hosting cities. It is estimated that air races and shows can easily stimulate close to $100 million or more in economic activity for the respective venues.

Given the new possibilities of coverage through TV and the Internet, air races will become even more popular. Eventually becoming an integral part of the annual international sports cycle. Of course the brand new airplanes equipped with the latest technology like the Elite P-51 Mustang will be the biggest attractions in those events.



Air Races,Combat, and Air Show

The Elite Races will be 5 days of exciting adventure and spectacle set against metropolitan backdrops across the globe. Utilizing the latest technologies, digital villages will rise from urban landscapes, drawing hundreds of thousands of attendees to the festival like atmosphere on display at every stop.


Speed Race - Unique courses in each city will push pilots to the limits of their ability thrilling crowds with acrobatics on an unprecedented level.

Trick Flying - Each city will feature different pilots showcasing their most incredible maneuvers in scripted runs that will leave audiences in awe.

Combat - There will be an elimination series of air-to-air combat competitions. The planes are equipped with lasers, sensors, and cameras to register hits as well as smoke release upon plane hits..


We are pursuing venues currently for our 2016-17 circuit. They will include Moscow, Dubai, Paris, Monaco, and Macau, London, Moscow and Hong Kong.

In addition to the Elite Air Events, we will be taking a squadron of the Elite P-51's on a global tour hitting many of the major cities and promoting the events to come. As well as introducing the world to this new aviation marvel.



Our team is assembling the best and most trusted names in the business. Creating a strategy that combines digital lifestyle, aeronautics, video production, and gaming to create a brand built for the future.

The Elite Aviator has taken the P51 Mustang to incredible heights by constructing their planes from carbon fiber, installing jet powered prop engines, integrating the latest digital guidance, and avionic technologies.

Part Top Gun, part Discovery Channel, our content will showcase the fastest prop-planes ever created. The world’s fastest planes will race on an international stage in the world’s largest cities pitted against each other and fighting for the Elite Prize.


The Elite Races are not just events...they are a multimedia machine that mesmerizes audiences. They generate numerous revenue streams by developing platforms that work together to deliver the most engaging and immersive experiences possible. The Elite Races will set the bar for racing entertainment for years to come.

Strategically planned and executed, the event’s cohesive brand elements will garner record media impressions and audience attendance. Brand elements include websites, mobile apps, games, social content, television shows, viral videos, logos, merchandise, endorsements, licensing, sponsorship, films, HD broadcasts, concerts, and contests. Brand elements include websites, mobile apps, games, social content, television shows, viral videos, logos, merchandise, endorsements, licensing, sponsorship, films, HD broadcasts, concerts, and contests.



Branding for sponsors in the Elite Air Events creates a huge opportunity for companies to get massive exposure. The events will be televised and Internet accessible. We have developed APPS for phones and tablets that will allow live global access of the events in real-time feeds from the individual planes and cockpits where the viewer controls their vantage point of the races.

Contact us for all the different possibilities and sponsorship levels.

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